Friends Are Angels


You are my cyber angel friends I never thought that I would find such a friend, and a friend so kind. Without my angels I don’t know where I’d be but your still here friends with me, you are angels from above and I am thankful for your understanding love. Thanks for being the friend you are , your a friend an angel by far.   hugs Tricia …



We are back Spring Has Arrived


Spring has arrived and how nice it is to see a glimpse of sunshine, to notice the evenings getting a little lighter, and to see new life spring up around us as flowers grow and trees blossom. I often associate Spring with hope, it is a beautiful time of year it makes me feel hopeful that  we are surrounded by new life with blossoming of daffodils, and spring flowers that , has an almost miraculous feel to it which must,  never be taken for granted.  Hello dear friends thankyou for all the visits , I am doing well my treatments are over and like spring I have sprung feeling warmth and sunshine ahead hugs dear friend